Friday, May 29, 2009

May 28, 2009

Preaching at Quirino, Luna, Apayao and Guiddam,Cagayan

Preaching at Quirino, Luna, Apayao

Departure Time
from left Bro. Virgilio Bocarile and his wife, Bro. Jun, Bro. Ronald ,Bro. Mark, Bro. Rody and my mom Tessie, Me (Jay), Bro. Jerome and Bro. Rene boy.

Bro. Sherwin Miranda the preacher in Quirino Church having NO support but he is doing his best to preach the gospel.

Quirino, Luna, Apayao Meeting Place.

Bro. Jun Gumpad. He is the first speaker and he talked about "Dagiti Banbanag nga Pakatinnagan ti Tao"

Bro. Jerome Forelo. Our second speaker and he talk about "Why do we need God?"

Bro. Rody Gumpad. The 3rd and last speaker on this Gospel Meeting here at Luna, Apayao. He talked about "The Destiny of Man" Rom.2:10.

I lead songs before Bro. Jerome deliver his lesson.

4 souls forwarded after the invitation songs led by Bro. Mark Daquioag.

Preaching at Guiddam, Abulug, Cagayan

Welcome to Guiddam Church of Christ.

Their Preacher Bro. Jhonson Ramil.

Bro. Rody Gumpad teaching at Guiddam and he talked about "God has Spoken" Heb.1:1,2.

1 soul forwarded after the invitation song led by Bro. Jun Gumpad.


We had a total of 5 baptisms on our Gospel Preaching in Luna, Apayao and Guiddam, Abulug. We are happy to inform you that the 2 churches express their thank you to all who joined on this Gospel meeting. Preachers also came from different places and joined with us to make the 2 Gospel Meeting Successful.


Bro. Ronald Valdez also with us on this trip with his new used bag that I gave.


I thank you all again brethren for the support prayers. God Bless us all!

-end of Preaching at Quirino,Luna,Apayao and Guiddam,Abulug,Cagayan -

May 22 2009

Gospel Meeting at Nangalinan Church of Christ, Baggao

Bro. Virgilio Paet. Their preacher in Nangalinan Church of Christ. Welcome all visitors and saints.

Bro. Larry Guillermo. The first speaker in the said Gospel Meeting at Nangalinan Church of Christ. He talked about "The 2 group of believer" Mt.16:16,17.

Bro. Jun Gumpad. The 2nd speaker and he talked about "4 steps to Apostasy" 2 Tim.4:3-4.

Bro. Jerome Forelo. The 3rd speaker and he talked about "Panagbabawi ken Pannakasubbot dagiti basbasol" Lk.24:46,47.

And lastly the 4th Speaker who is Bro. Rody Gumpad Sr. and he talked about "Satan" with the text Mt.4:10.

Saints and visitors are listening during the Gospel Meeting in Nangalinan, Baggao

2 Precious souls forwarded after all the speaker finishes their lessons.

Brethren , this Gospel Meeting in Nangalinan, Baggao was finished successfully with your prayers and help. We appreciate the efforts of all the preachers who came with us and joined with us in making this Gospel meeting successfully especially those speakers. Also to those preachers who join on this effort who came from different places. We seek prayers for the church in Nangalinan that they continued to stay in the doctrine of Christ. Please pray also to the 2 souls who forwarded in Christ that they may also be strong in the faith and have to learned more about Christ teachings.

- end of report on May 22,2009 -

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Short History of the Metro Tuguegarao Church of Christ

It was that cold Sunday, January 1, 1984 when bro. Rody & Sis. Tessie Gumpad first assembled for worship together with their 5 small siblings at the 2nd door of the Mabazza Apartment they were renting at Riverside, Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The next Sunday of worship was attended by some of their invited Non Christian neighbors. Then the first fruit of labor, Bro. Francisco Duque, of Calamagui, Amulung, Cagayan, was baptized into Christ that month of February.

In the month of March 1984, the wife and daughters of brother Francisco Duque were also baptized into Christ! But un-avoided circumstances was experienced by the new work that forced them to move at Cavite Street, Tanza, Tuguegarao in that same month of March! The next month of April came and Sister Noemi Gabun was also baptized into Christ!

Then a Gospel meeting was held in the month of May 1984 and 28 souls were baptized into Christ including bro. Geronimo Ganela and his wife of Rizal, Kalinga, bro. Felipe Catolos of Caggay, Tuguegarao and others from different places! In the next month of June 1984, our late bro. Onofre Quinto and his wife identified themselves and placed their membership with the Congregation..

The next month of June 1984, the Congregation relocated from Cavite Street, Tanza, to the Tri-Star Restaurant Conference Hall of the Alvin Building at Balzain, Tuguegarao. It was that time that the Congregation was named known as the Metro Tuguegarao Church of Christ. The Church met at the Alvin Building until they moved on the last Sunday of the year 1988 to the present location now at Pattaui Street, Ugac Norte. The first building was tore down for the bigger present building. Regular attendance now is 120 including children and the Congregation is in preparation for some of its men for the Eldership to oversee the flock! May God continue to bless us all this year 2009!

The Metro Tuguegarao Church of Christ is Located in #38 PattauiSt. , Ugac Norte, Tuguegarao City, Cagayan 3500, Philippines. Come and worship with us in Spirit and in Truth (Jn.8:32).